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The main areas that we are working on at present are:
- Finalising Bonny's Reserves MasterPlan
- Acting on concerns about Highway intersection with Ghost Road; and sewage releases into our waterways
- Grant applications

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1. Verandah extention on Community Hall opened - next for a kitchen reno.
2. Pressing for an overpass at the Houston-Mitchell/Pacific Highway intersection.
4. Acting on concerns about sewage and poor stormwater quality entering our waterways. Click here.
3. Working on finalising the DRAFT Reserves MasterPlan.

Bonny Hills is a coastal village of around 3,000 people located 25km south of Port Macquarie on the NSW Mid North Coast.

The Bonny Hills Progress Association Inc. (BHPA) is a voluntary organisation with a primary charter to safeguard the Vision that the Bonny Hills community has agreed for the village and surrounds.

The aim of this website is to provide ready access to the charter, modus operandi and activities of the Progress Association.

            Playground Opening  Basketball tower going in  Cutting the ribbon

The RESERVES MASTERPLANS are being reviewed as a key action in the Bonny Hills Community Plan. The 2012 Plan can be viewed here.

The Bonny Hills Community Plan can be found here and a Briefing for Council heavies, April 2021, here.

Click here to read the President's report to the 2021 AGM.